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It was from this first meeting that Sta Maria decided to team up with Fran as a duo. They called themselves "Roy & Fran". One night, while they were performing at the coffee-house, S. Atan, a Malaysian music producer, happened to drop by for supper and saw them singing. EMI offered Sta Maria and Fran a recording contract and they subsequently released their first album in 1982 titled "Siapa Dia Sebelum Daku".

This was followed by "Bersama Pertemuan Ini" in 1983. However after the success of the second album, Fran decided to go separate ways and develop a solo career. By this time, Roy's interest in songwriting was developing and decided to write his own songs for his first solo album titled "Berakhir Kemarau Nan Panjang", followed by "Perkenalan Pertama" in 1985.

From writing and recording his own songs, Sta Maria then proceeded to produce albums, starting with his own two solo albums and later for other artistes including Fauziah Latiff's first album and Bibiana Peter's debut album.



Don Beins still continues to exemplify the adage 'life is music, and music is life'. Don tenure in music goes back some forty years. Most comfortable on the keyboards, over the years he held regular stints and contracts playing in cabarets, nightclubs and hotel lounges all over Malaysia.

Till today, he performs regularly at family gatherings, private parties and wedding receptions with seasonal stints in local hotels very much in the picture.

Don recalled, "My first love was the piano while still in school. The church choir was where I honed my skills both as a musician and singer.

I picked up the rudiments of music quickly gaining much advice and tips from senior musicians that I came into contact or had 'jam sessions' with.

I guess my natural ability and good ear for music has stood me in good stead even until today," he said.


I am Thomas Philip Theseira, was a student of SFI and also a member of the school band. I've been a saxophonist for the past 35 years. I had been with the RTM orchestra for 14 years and at present running my own business in the music industry. 

My son, Jonathan Yoel Theseira, has been playing the saxophone since he was 8 years old. He won the talent search competition during the San Pedro Festival in the year 2011. He is now 12 and is still playing the saxophone under my guidance.


Its been 37 years and still Rockin'. Founding memebers Jerry & Jude Singho & Basil Bournaparte in 1978.

First Strolling band in Malaysia, Malacca Straits Traveller's Inn, moved on to Kuala Lumpur, Holiday Inn, Penang Rasa Sayang playing all types of music, especially known for our harmonies. Then transformed Federal Hotel Lobby Bar to a Cowboy Saloon, in 1981, from then on Os Pombos became known as the best and most known Country band.

Produced an album under BMG, 3 of the songs hit the Radio 4, No.1 Spot for several weeks. The same guys still in the band from the Album production, Leader, Jude Singho-lead vocals, Jerry Singho Musical Director - vocals, lead guitar and fiddle, Bernadette Lowe-Singho - Lead vocals, keyboards, Canute De Costa - Drummer, Gerard Moganavellu (Jerry) Bassist, former second lead guitarist Ronald Anthony's son, Dalnor Anthony (latest member) second lead guitarist. Os Pombos still delivers the best in Country music, just won the best band at the recent Miri Country Music Fest (MCMF), we are invited again for next year's event on the 27th Febuary 2016, MCMF features country bands from 7 different countries, including US.

Os Pombos has been invited to perform for this year's Jakarta's inaugral 'Jakarta's Country Music Fest' on the 22nd of November 2015We are humbled to be known as one of the most sorted out Country bands in this part of the world.


Simon Theseira, a Malaysian Portuguese descendent hails from the Historic City of Malacca. From a very young age, somewhat secretly, Simon learnt the guitar. While receiving his formal education in school, he passionately participated in talent-times in and out of school, where he excelled and won. A member of the local church choir, where he is currently the organist.

Although it's a hobby, he has performed in numerous 5-star rated hotel establishments, club & lounges and privately held events. While in pursuit of his hobby, he has successfully produced digital recordings of his passion to be shared among family and loved ones.


Left SFI in the year 1967 after completing Form 5. Playing keyboards and singing part-time has given me lots of happiness especially when people enjoy the songs I sing. Have been singing in pubs, lounges, weddings, company functions. Sings well in English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien.


F is Fairy my daughter, B is me (Bernard) and I is for Isaac. So we called, FBI. Isaac is my son in law. I left SFI in 1969 and till today I'm still thankful to everyone in SFI.


Three talented individuals from two different countries with one interest - MUSIC. Through their love of music and the unique way their voice complimented each other, Pop, Gerard and Ana got together to try out pieces together and it was then that the well known band THE MELLOWS was formed in 2004. Their weekly performances at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other functions has made them a household name in their hometown. Still going strong today, this multi-talented trio who is no stranger to any genre of music shows no sign of slowing down. You've got the moves, they have the groove so you can dance the night away.


Alvin has been in the industry for more than two decades. Performing with Country to Latin bands such as The Wheelers in the mid 80's to with Viva. Apart from performances, he is very involved with studio and commercial music.

Apart from teaching Midi Programming (Music Instrumental Digital Interface) Alvin also teaches Audio Interfacing for budding composers and home enthusiast who wants to produce their own albums.

Alvin also performs with a renown group, The Aseana Percussion Unit, an international group, playing ethnic instruments such as the 'Rebana', Gendang and the Brazilian 'Surdo', alongside his guitar and violin.


Sugene is a prominent drummer based in Malacca. Apart from performing with various bands, he is also very sought for drum instructor. 

Sugene is the founder of the Malacca Drum Corp, a totally percussion group playing hip hop to Latin based beats. Under the leadership of Sugene it is the pride of Malacca arts and culture family.

He is now a permanent feature at the Bulldog Cafe on every Friday and Saturday, teaming up with Alvin Fletcher, performing music from rock to reggae and genres from the 60's to today's hits.


Trevor Santa Maria, younger brother of Roy Santa Maria moved to Australia in 1980. Coming from a musical family, he has recorded a song for Christmas Album (A CHRISTMAS WISH - produced by Roy) and also performed at a UNICEF concert in Perth (singing Michael Jackson's  Heal The World). He has also written and recorded his own composition called ANGEL EYES. Has recorded an English version of Roy's famous song SAMA SAMA.

Gillian Rajasingham, migrated to Australia in 2011. She is a Primary School Teacher and an active choir member in her church as well as a Barbershop chorus singer with the Perth Harmony Chorus. Fun facts: When Gillian was n her mother's womb, her parents would frequently put headphones on her mum's tummy and play classical music for her!


The 24 Festive Drum Troupe based on the 24 periods in Chinese agricultural calendar. The 24 Festival Drums is part of the Chinese Culture. The sound of the drum not only heartbeat but has effect on the spirit, thinking and aspiration of the Chinese people. It remind the people of the times when they depended on their land for their livelihood. The SFI 24 Festive Troupe has been running for nearly two decades and has grown in over 70-member strong, one with numerous achievement under its belt. When school got any big functions or celebration, our troupe will always be the first one to perform. We have also appeared the newspaper several times.



Simon's link to music is not only through his fathers namesake, Albert Beunaventura, a very gifted pianist in his prime but also via his passion for local talent that can make a difference in our lives. A hotelier for 26 years, he does emceeing for part-time especially centred on fund-raising, church functions, non-profit organisations, etc.


Nikki Fletcher, a former DJ with radio JB FM104 and actively involved emceeing many events in JB and Pesta Gendang in Malacca featuring drum groups from all over the globe.  Nikki is still active in emceeing for cooperate and private functions all over Malaysia.



Ivan started his company Genesis Pro Audio in 1996 with just 2 microphones and 8 cables, leftover from his career as a professional musician spanning 20 years. His CV and knowledge is extensive having had the pleasure of handling sound for many top named entertainers and recording artistes in Malaysia such as Liza Hanim, Ning Baizura, Adibah Noor, Francesca Peters, various Malay Cultural productions, Chinese Orchestras, various  theatrical productions and has mixed for practically all the top artistes and bands in town.

Being a former musician, he has the ear for music  & he has also travelled overseas with other productions working on foreign artists such as the Moffats, and locally on regional tours by Boney M, George Benson, Alanis Morissette, Big Mountain, Inner Circle, Sergio Mendez etc., the others being too many to list.


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